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Kurt's cocaine

welcome to the jungle, you're gonna die. enjoy yourself i sure as hell would.
Jul 31 '14


i love how paul is so chill about answering beatles questions and ringo is like “ugh why do we only ever talk about the beatles”

ringo sweetie

do you really want to talk about the other stuff

Jul 31 '14


if u dont think i’d do some fucked up shit for concert tickets then u are dead wrong 

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Jul 31 '14

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Jul 31 '14
"when i find myself in times of trouble mother mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom “paul u da best”"
paul mccartney (via classicrockquotes)
Jul 31 '14


this whole exchange was golden

Jul 31 '14

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Jul 31 '14
The Kinks - Lola (Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One)


The Kinks - Lola

Jul 31 '14
The Beatles - No Reply (Beatles For Sale)


Artist: the Beatles

Song: No Reply

Album: Beatles For Sale

Year: 1964

Jul 31 '14

How the faces of love have changed turning the pages, and I have changed, oh, but you, you remain ageless.”

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Jul 31 '14

ringo starr: world’s cutest drummer ★ 

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